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IPMC – Improving Project Management Capacity

2011 – 2015

Project Management Assessments and improvements

PM Training of 500+ employees

PM Processes Development

Direct Project Support – Offshore Wind Farms

Construction Project Initiation and Planning

Workshop facilitation – Risk Management, Project Planning, Lessons Learned, etc

Sirius Project – R&D

2009 – 2011

Development of PM Processes and tools

Design and implementation of project & portfolio scheduling tool with MS Project Server

Project support (V90, V112, V164) incl. gate workshops facilitation and planning

Virtual PMO

2006 – present

PMO Support to Projects

Project Leadership & Management Training of 300+ employees

Cross-organizational development of PM governance, processes and tools

Contract & Claim Management Training

Workshop Facilitation – Risk, Project initiation, Contract review, Lessons Learned etc.

Project & PMO Support

2008 – present

Offshore Wind Farms;Thanet, Robin Rigg, Bligh Bank

PMO support for other projects and the line organization

Development of construction estimating tool

Performance reporting design

Workshop facilitation – Risk, Project Improvement and Lessons Learned

PM Coaching and Mentoring

CFAC PM Assessment and Improvement

2016 – 2017

Project Management Assessment and project
improvement facilitation of corporate facility projects
(Mexico, China, Hungary + PM Handbook)

Workshop facilitation

PMO Coaching and Mentoring

Project Model and PPM System Development

2016 – 2018

Project Management Assessment

Project Model Development incl. tools & guidelines

Project Management Training

PM/PMO Coaching and mentoring

PPM System Architecture and Implementation

PM Assessment & Training

2011 – 2013

Project Management Assessment Offshore Wind

Project Planner Training

Project Initiation & Planning facilitation

IC3 Repower

2005 – 2006

Refurbishment of 96 trainsets for The Danish State Railways – DSB

New designed Propulsion Modules

400 Engines and Transmissions

Kosan Crisplant / Makeen Energy

2006 – present

Project Management and Leadership Training

Virtual PMO Support – Processes and tools development

PM coaching/mentoring and in-project support

MS Project Training – In-project practical training


Business Project Model development and training

In-project support

Workshops facilitation – Risk Management, Project Initiation & Planning etc

Project Excellence

Project Model Development

Project Management & Leadership Training

In-Project support – All PM Disciplines

Resource management tool development and implementation

VirtualPMO Support


Business Project Model Development

Project Management Training

Workshop facilitation – Business strategy, Risk Management etc